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About Us

New business is the life-blood of an agency.

‘Buy an untargeted list of people, cold call as many of them as you can and ask them if they want to buy your product. Or send them a mailer with a picture of your product and your companys telephone number attached…’

Hopefully at this point you’re thinking ‘No one in their right mind would pitch this as a way of attracting more business.’ And of course you’d be right. So why do so many agencies fall into the trap of marketing themselves this way?

New business experts Karla Morales-Lee and Sarah Bradley share a passion for agency new business. They also share frustrations. Throughout their careers they’ve witnessed agency management pitching big, innovative ideas to clients, while approving outdated tactics for their own business and alienating the very clients they hope to engage with. The result? An industry digging its own grave.

With over 17,000 agencies in the UK (each with at least one person responsible for bringing in new business), Karla and Sarah know there’s an audience hungry for a more effective way of winning new business.

In 2012 The Art of New Business was born with the aim to:

  • Bring agency new business people together to share thoughts and expectations about the role
  • Discover others around the world who are doing new business differently (and better) and ask them to share their knowledge with our community
  • Build a case for change by asking clients for their thoughts on the way agencies prospect and pitch to them


For more information about us, what we do and why we exist, watch our videos.