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The ‘Big Picture’ session

Want to see how your new business strategy compares with that of agencies all over the world? Wonder how best to get on a clients’ radar in the current climate? Want to inspire and motivate your team to deliver massive growth for your agency? We run ‘Big Picture’ sessions that share invaluable insights into all of the above and more, based on our research and on current new business trends.


Strategic planning workshop

Looking to re-examine your positioning or perhaps go after a new target audience? Perhaps you feel like you need a set of expert eyes to look over your new business strategy? Our strategic planning workshop uses tried and tested methods to identify areas of your business in need of improvement, future-proof your new business strategy and help you lay the foundations for growth.


Corporate reputation audit

Want to know what your clients and prospects think of your agency?

We offer corporate reputation audits to uncover the perceptions of your business within your target market that can be fed into your new business strategy and used to benchmark your marketing activities.