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Corporate Reputation Audit

How do your clients see you?

Put simply, your corporate reputation is how you are seen by your stakeholders and is a product of all of the communications and business activities, intentional and unintentional, that you undertake in your marketplace.

Whether they are customers, potential customers, employees or suppliers, different stakeholders will hold different views of your company because they will focus on different parts of the business. Understanding both the commonalities and differences between the views of different stakeholder groups allows a company to maximise the effectiveness of its communication and performance improvement efforts and improve stakeholder loyalty, a key influencer of business success.

When we perform a corporate reputation audit, we interview some or all of the following stakeholders depending upon the objectives of the project:

  • Existing and lapsed clients
  • Staff
  • Existing prospects
  • Cold prospects
  • Clients you’ve pitched to and lost
  • Intermediaries
  • The media

This gives 360 degree insights into the stakeholders’ views on your business which can be used to create a Sales and Marketing strategy and provides an invaluable benchmark against which to measure subsequent marketing activity and repositioning aimed at overturning any undesirable perceptions.

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