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The ‘Big Picture’ session

Want to see how your strategy compares with that of agencies all over the world?

Wonder how best to get on a clients’ radar in the current climate?

Want to inspire and motivate your team to deliver massive growth for your agency?

Ideal for management get-togethers or company away-days, our ‘Big Picture’ session is a great way to find out what’s really going on in the new business world and start undoing bad habits.

The session shares:

  • A global perspective on agency new business – based on the results from our recent research conducted with Worldwide Partners Inc.
  • The client’s perspective – insights and video footage from interviews with leading UK clients giving their opinions on current agency approaches to ‘getting in the door’, and how ineffective they are. Clients interviewed include Adidas, Sprayway, Kimberly Clark, Aviva, GSK and many more.
  • Current trends in new business – what does the future of business development look like for agencies?

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