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New Business is an art, not a numbers game


“Hi, I’m Karla Morales-Lee”


“I’m Sarah Bradley”


“The Art of New Business is what we believe to be the first network in the UK exclusively for people who are involved with bringing in new business for their organisations”


“We wanted to change the perception of business developers within our industry”


“I think what The Art of New Business really is about is getting realistic about the state of the market, and then bringing together some really interesting speakers, some of which are big names in the industry, others are relatively unknown but are doing some really interesting things that are attracting the right kind of business”

Jon White, Formerly Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark Europe

“I’ll be honest, I’m really concerned about a lot of the approaches I get right now, most of them are cold calls, most of them are selling their own wares rather than really telling me what they can do for my business. The ones that really, really shine through are the ones that understand the relevance to my business and therefore have pitched what they do to what my current circumstances are, to try and help me solve my problems”


“We had fantastic feedback, in fact, on the day of the event, we had a couple of people feed back that they were actually going to change the way they did business the very next day. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, positive feedback that we are getting, both from clients and from agencies”

“It was a really good event”

“The event was marvellous”

“Really interesting, like loads of useful tips”

“All the different people that came along had different things to say, which makes it really valuable”

“Well, the event was great; I found it very, very interesting”

“From our point of view, it’s good to hear that we are doing some of the right things”

“It’s always nice to be backed up on things that you are already doing, as well as to get some new ideas”

“It was almost like a bit of a an ‘agony aunt’ focus group for everyone who works in new biz”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the next one, because I will be here as well”